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Landscaping Trolley

Description for Our Service

Uthan specializes in a wide range of horticulture services, including planting trees, tree pruning, and composting, to help you build a beautiful outdoor space. If you need a little more help bringing your garden to life, we also offer garden cleanups and makeovers. We take pride in providing skilled and cost-effective services to keep your yard looking its best throughout the year. We'll create a beautiful garden for you with low-cost plants that fit your space and style. If you have a large lot and aren't sure if you can afford to landscape it all at once, talk to your professional landscaper about landscaping it in pieces.

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Maintenance Best Services

Uthan provide their best services to their customers to make them happy. Uthan knew that if one customer is happy then they will give us more customers that's why uthan gives their service with trust and honesty more than 20 years and Uthan expands their service to more than 100 countries due to your support.

  • Will the therapy be effective if it rains right after I apply it?

    Rainfall before or after an application will usually improve the efficiency of your Uthan application.Water is essential for plant health and facilitates in the transport of nutrients into the soil for absorption by the root system. Pre Emergent weed control and subsurface insect control are also activated by water.

  • Is there anything I should do to prepare for my first service?

    Feel free to keep your home's entrances open on scheduled service days to give access to your property. For additional information on how to prepare for your first visit, see the What to Expect video clip below.

  • Is it necessary to mow my lawn every so often?

    The growth of your lawn is the best indication for mowing frequency. Mowing lawns more than twice a week may be necessary when they are actively expanding. Cut off no more than one-third of the leaf blade at a time to avoid stressing the grass. Allowing these grasses to grow too tall will cause your lawn to become overgrown with thatch.

Services Features:

To achieve maximum client satisfaction, we devote close attention to the intricacies of each project. Our goal is to improve the exterior of your home, increase its value, and beautify the surrounding area.

  • Pruning
  • Management
  • Tree risk assessment
  • Soil Management
  • Root management
  • Transplanting and planting