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Description for Our Service

Uthan Landscaping has a commercial section that services offices, towns, and homeowner associations, in addition to our award-winning work for homeowners. From condominium communities and office complexes to municipal parks and public buildings, our highly respected professionals work with your Property or Project Manager to improve the overall aesthetic of your property. It shows that your working environment is unique when your business or communal area is worth caring for. The attention to detail will not go ignored by both workers and clients that want your services. Taking the time to maintain the outside of your site demonstrates that you are proactive and detail-oriented.

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Maintenance Best Services

Customers will notice how much you care about how you present yourself by looking at your personal space, and they will be inclined to believe that the same amount of care will be applied to their relationship with your company.

  • Is it necessary to mow my lawn every so often?

    The growth of your lawn is the best indication for mowing frequency. Mowing lawns more than twice a week may be necessary when they are actively expanding. Cut off no more than one-third of the leaf blade at a time to avoid stressing the grass. Allowing these grasses to grow too tall will cause your lawn to become overgrown with thatch.

  • Is it safe to use Uthan's products?

    The products we utilize go through a rigorous vetting procedure. The global organization has approved all of Uthan's products for use.

  • Uthan provides what kinds of lawn services?

    Uthan offers a full range of lawn care services, including fertilizer, weed management, soil amendments, aeration and overseeding, and pest and disease prevention. While Uthan does offer gardening or mowing services, we do offer bug and pathogen prevention tree and shrub plans.

Services Features:

To achieve maximum client satisfaction, we devote close attention to the intricacies of each project. Our goal is to improve the exterior of your home, increase its value, and beautify the surrounding area.

  • Snow and ICE removal
  • Landscaping services
  • Trimming and pruning
  • Irrigation and Drainage
  • Garden Consultation
  • Tree and shrub Care